Rotators in various branches of business

Hydraulic rotators are an extremely useful addition, which can be purchased for any forklift and telescopic loader, if these contain a free hydraulic system that allows the use of the device. This component allows to fully rotate the transported load by 360°, thereby allowing extremely fast and efficient unloading to a container or a processing machine. In which industries, however, will the pallet rotor will „shine” the most? We will try to find the answer in this text.

Agriculture - from a crate to a container

forklift rotator

Everyone probably knows how the process of collecting apples, cucumbers, pears and other less delicate fruits and vegetables looks like. It is a semi-mechanical process, the final stage of which involves the individual harvesting of the crop by man. However, this process can be automated to a certain extent – all that is needed is a rotator and a pallet box. Fruit or vegetables can be harvested directly to the crate, which will then be transported using a forklift or loader. The rotator for the pallet box will ensure quick unloading to the previously prepared container, where fruits or vegetables will be waiting for further processing or for transport to the warehouse or food processing plant.

Easier unloading of loose materials on the construction site

forklift rotator

As in the construction of forklifts are not very often used, in this part of the text we will mainly talk about telescopic loaders. How can the loader rotator be used in this branch of industry? First of all, to load debris, which can later be transferred to the container - it significantly accelerates the demolition work, because it can potentially shorten the working time of employees. It can also be used to unload pallets. The telescopic loader itself can in addition be used for unloading and transferring sand - it is enough to replace the rotator with a excavation bucket for the purpose of using the device for a completely different purpose.

The forklift rotator, as well as rotator for the loader can also be used in other branches of industry – in the pharmaceutical, food and in chemical industries for example. They can be also used wherever a fast transport and unloading of goods is needed. Due to its properties, this equipment can also be used in recycling plants. It may be worth the time to learn some of these attachments properties, because – as you can see - they provide quite a lot of possibilities.

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