Forklift trucks - additional equipment, pt. 2

In the previous article we talked about additional equipment that can add more possibilities to a classic, known to everyone forklift truck. We have shown that fork attachment is not the only option and that these machines can do a lot more than just lift a wooden pallet. Today we will continue on the topic – we will describe another attachments that might increase the flexibility and profitability of every forklift truck.

Basic attachment in the printing house – paper mill clamp

paper mill clamp

There is no printing house without any paper – this is well-known and logical. Without the paper it is not possible to actually print anything, is it a magazine, book or a newspaper. Printing houses does not use regular, known to everyone paper sheets – they use heavy, couple hundred pounds rolls of paper that are split into smaller pieces in the production process. This weight is just too much for a human to lift, and even if it would be possible to move it using only strength of the muscle, it is vulnerable to damage, which – in the worst case - can interrupt whole printing process.

That is why manufacturers created paper mill clamps – special kind of clamp made out of two plate arms that hold paper roll thightly during transport while reducing roll damages. Depending on a bulk and type of paper roll contact pads and arms may differ, but the main goal of their usage – which is safe and efficient transport from warehouse to a printer – stays the same.

Fragile cargo transport – foam clamp

foam clamp

In the previous text, we have already mentioned the styrofoam gripper - a special clamp created because the styrofoam is too soft material to transport it with an ordinary forklift fork clamp or even a bale clamp. That is why manufacturers specialised in forklift transport came out with a solution that is „tubular grabber” or „foam clamp”. This equipment is characterized by an unusual construction consisting of pipes, which replace the classic plates usually used to grip the load. This construction makes transport of soft materials such as polyurethane foam, assembly wool or upholstery foam easier, faster and - most importantly - significantly reduces the risk of damage to the transported material. This is why the fork clamp is an invaluable choice for furniture and upholstery.

Accessories for forklifts can completely change that machine and add new capabilities to it. When the gripper is connected to a forklift truck, it changes it into a device that is invaluable for the entire printing house or upholstery. So it is worth knowing the types of accessories - perhaps there will be one that you can use in your company.

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