Forklift Foam clamp

Product description

  • Tube gripper is dedicated to transport foam blocks, wool bales, soft materials using a forklift
  • The gripper is attached to the standard carriage of the forklift
  • One or two additional hydraulic connections are needed to connect the gripper to the forklift, depending on the version of the gripper.
  • All our grippers are equipped with side shifting.
  • We also make non-standard gripper sizes and grippers with additional equipment (hydraulic 360 ° turntable, additional abrasive slide or rubber inner arm coverage)
  • Our grippers are successfully used in industry, processing, recycling and other production plants
  • The product is made of certified materials, in-line with the EU directives standards and has a CE Certificate
  • We provide a 12-month warranty on all our grippers

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