Forklift Foam clamp

How to transport delicate materials?

Transporting bulky, delicate materials is not an easy task. They are hard to move due to their size, and a simple clamp could damage their extremely fragile structure. For this reason, a special tubular clamp - also known as "foam clamp" - was created.

Its construction allows free transport of materials such as foam blocks, styrofoam or other objects that can be damaged using a regular clamp. To mount it in a forklift, simply attach it to a standard forklift carriage and connect it to the hydraulic connectors.

Foam clamp

Clamp itself consists of three pipes and a side shift - this construction ensures that the transported goods will not be damaged in any way during transport. The whole thing can be adjusted depending on the customer's needs in terms of the length and size of the clamp, as well as other details given in the table below. A non-standard foam clamp, created with these particular tasks in mind, might be just what you need for your business.

In addition, we also offer grippers with additional equipment – all of them can be found on our site.

Product description

  • Tube gripper is dedicated to transport foam blocks, wool bales, soft materials using a forklift
  • The gripper is attached to the standard carriage of the forklift
  • One or two additional hydraulic connections are needed to connect the gripper to the forklift, depending on the version of the gripper.
  • All our grippers are equipped with side shifting.
  • We also make non-standard gripper sizes and grippers with additional equipment (hydraulic 360 ° turntable, additional abrasive slide or rubber inner arm coverage)
  • Our grippers are successfully used in industry, processing, recycling and other production plants
  • The product is made of certified materials, in-line with the EU directives standards and has a CE Certificate
  • We provide a 12-month warranty on all our grippers

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