Forklift bale clamp

Clamp for baled materials

Baled materials are often extremely difficult to transport - primarily due to the fact that they are often lightweight materials, as well as due to the unusual shape that prevents transport using ordinary forks. Therefore, a special bale clamp has been created, which allows them to be easily transported using a forklift.

The gripper is mounted in a standard forklift carriage and requires one or two hydraulic connections (depending on the clamp). Depending on the needs, the forklift bale clamp can be supplemented with additional equipment or equipped with a layer of abrasive slide or rubber cover.

Where is the bale clamp used?

This additional equipment is used wherever it is necessary to transport the baled material - a good example can be a warehouse, waste paper recycling point or selective waste collection point.

Depending on the needs, each model of forklift bale clamps can be adapted in terms of the length of the arm, its height and overall capacity. Below is a table in which you can find customizable parameters.

Principle of operation

  • Forklift gripper is dedicated to transport baled loads.
  • You can attach gripper to the standard carriage of a forklift.
  • In order to connect the gripper to the forklift it is necessary to have one or two additional hydraulic connections depending on the version of the gripper.
  • All of our grippers are equipped with side shifting.
  • We also make non-standard gripper sizes and grippers with additional equipment (hydraulic 360 ° turntable, additional abrasive slide or rubber interior arm covering)
  • Our grippers are successfully used in industry, processing, recycling and other production plants
  • The product is made of certified materials, in-line with EU directives standards and has a CE Certificate
  • We provide a 12-month warranty on all our grippers

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