Fork clamp - Fork positioner

Fork positioner

Although it is rare to find palettes with an unusual, non-standardized structure, sometimes one encounters a kind of "exception to the rule." If this is a one-time situation, it will certainly not cause problems, but if it is more frequent - for example, due to a specific supplier using only such "exceptions" - it is worth buying a fork positioner.

The fork positioner will allow easy transportation of any non-standard loads, including Euro Pallets and non-standard size pallets. To mount it, all you need is a standard forklift carriage and - depending on the gripper version - one or two free connections.

Fork clamp

The fork positioner can be used not only for handling pallets, but also for occasional handling of baled, damage-resistant goods. To be able to carry a softer load, the forklift can be covered with vulcanized rubber that absorbs the load during its transfer.

Fork clamp and positioner can also be modified according to the customer's recommendations, as well as supplemented with rotator, which would result in a much more versatile forklift. Fork clamp is uniquely suited for soft, non-standard and easily damaged goods.

Product description

  • Fork gripper  - Fork positioner dedicated for transporting: Euro pallets, non-standard pallet, non-standard loads with a forklift or telescopic loader.
  • The gripper is attached to a standard forklift carriage
  • One or two additional hydraulic connections are needed to connect the gripper to the forklift, depending on the version of the gripper.
  • Grippers are successfully used in industry, processing and manufacturing plants
  • The product is made of certified materials that guarantee a long service life of the device. The product is in-line with the standards of EU directives, has a CE certificate
  • We also provide a 12-month warranty

Additional equipment

  • We also make non-standard gripper fork sizes
  • The fork of the gripper can be covered with vulcanized rubber depending on the application and customer needs
  • We also make side grippers, barrel gripper, fork grippers, foam, foamed polystyrene, recycler, foil
  • The gripper can be equipped with a 360° hydraulic rotator to rotate the transported load
  • We also make grippers with an additional abrasive slide at the bottom of the paws
  • We can adjust the gripper for the Euro connector - Euro Frame Telescopic loader depending on the order

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