A quick look at telescopic loaders

Telescopic handlers are relatively popular devices in the construction, industrial, agricultural and warehouse industries - to the extent that they are increasingly chosen instead of forklifts. Why is this happening? First of all, because the loaders are much more universal than most machines used in these industries - they can easily replace previously mentioned forklifts, as well as fulfill the function of a basket lift. What else is worth knowing about these devices? We will talk about this in the text below.

Versatility achieved through the exchange of accessories

fork clamp

Similarily to forklifts, telescopic handlers have replaceable attachments, thanks to which these machines can significantly expand their range of operation. They can be equipped with a bale clamp that allows them to transport recyclable goods such as bales of waste paper or plastic. The loader can also be equipped with a 360° hydraulic rotator or rotary grapple for transporting loose materials in the pallets. Rotary gripper can significantly accelerate the production process, and an additional coverage of the vulcanised rubber on the inside will ensure safe transport of the goods.

Unusual use of telescopic loader

forklift rotator

It is known that the telescopic loader are used in warehouses and industrial plants, but the appropriate adaptation of this device allows it to be used as a substitute for forklift trucks in an orchard and in recycling industry, as well as an unloading device in chemical plants and food processing plants. A solution that provides such possibilities is a hydraulic rotator 360° for telescopic loader that allows for full rotation of the forks, which significantly facilitates the unloading of goods from the crate to the container. If necessary, this equipment can also be used as a pallet rotor.

Of course, these are not all telescopic loader usages - they can also serve as a multifunctional counterpart to forklift trucks and mobile platforms, designed for loading and unloading containers or lifting people. There are many possible applications - it is worth checking them all, as maybe they can also be used in your company.

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